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Weight Management

There are many people struggling with excessive body weight and even obesity problems.
Those people are looking for the right solution to help them reach their ideal body weight.

Weight loss isn’t an easy thing and mostly, it requires a lot of effort and even it comes with frustration.
It requires discipline to follow weight management program designed based on individual condition, situation, and also expected goal.

The Reason

Weight management is more than just a diet plan.
It is definitely not the kind of diet to starve and makes miserable.

The ideal weight management program would be combination of diet plan, exercise, and also changes of lifestyle.

Weight management

Who Benefits from This Program

The ones who need weight management program are those who want to lose weight or to maintain ideal body weight.
People with obesity problem, with BMI above 30, and those looking for weight loss program without medical supervision is good candidate.

Weight Management Program at LA Fitness

LA Fitness is the leading provider of fitness and training facilities committed to help people to reach their fitness goal.
LA Fitness gyms are the preferred destinations for those who want to keep in shape and also for those looking for the right exercise programs for their fitness goal.

They also offers weight management program to optimally achieve ideal body weight and body shape.

Here at LA Fitness, weight management is serious business.

The weight management team of professional and highly trained nutritionists and fitness trainers working together to lead you into a true transformation.

Weight management

Individual Assessment

The weight management program is custom-designed fitness and nutrition programs.

The programs are based on the individual conditions.
That would cover:
1. Metabolic profile
2. Daily activities
3. Fitness level
4. Nutritional habits
5. Actual body weight
6. The ideal body weight to reach
7. Etc.

The program will be started with individual assessment.
The assessment will cover various aspects of your physical and metabolic profile.

Team of certified professionals will conduct the assessment.
At the end of the session will present you with the result and professional advice on what kind of program would be suitable for your particular condition.

The team will prepare weight loss program based on the assessment.
The program will focus on the actual problems and how to optimally lose weight without compromising your health.

It’s provides nutritional guideline for daily diet along with the schedule and goal to achieve.
The program also includes exercise and workout classes with fitness trainer.

The exercises will be scheduled based on the fitness level and addressing the actual problems.

Weight management


Your actual body weight and fitness level will determine the duration and intensity of the program.
Continuing weight loss program is highly recommended after reaching ideal body weight to maintain it and to keep optimum wellness.

Visit LA fitness portal login to learn more about weight loss program and its nearest fitness center offering the program.
The information would include class schedule and the program costs.

It is also recommended to visit employee portal la fitness to learn more about the certified weight management professionals.
They will be the ones supervise your training program.