Spinning Classes at LA Fitness

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Spinning Classes at LA Fitness

Spinning exercise becomes more popular among fitness enthusiasts.
No wonder that spinning classes even become staple in many gyms and fitness centers.

Just search online for “spinning classes near me” and there would be many results.
One of the recommended ones is LA Fitness that offers both beginners and advanced spinning classes.

What is Spinning Exercise?

Spinning exercise is an intense, low impact exercise using stationary bike as the main training equipment.
While it seems similar, spinning is pretty much different compared to indoor cycling or outdoor cycling.

Spinning class

Spinning Class

Spinning class usually takes from 20 to 45 minutes workout for each session.
An instructor will be leading the class giving instruction about the pace, speed, and the position of cycling on the stationary bike.

It is also a common thing that the spin class session.

During the spinning classes, all class members doing the spinning exercise, or known as riders, are required to ride the stationary bike in the most comfortable position and clip their feet into the pedal.

The main workout is definitely pedaling to spin the bike’s wheel.

Variations of pace and the resistance of the pedal combined with riding position will give the body a simulation of riding on flat road, climbing a hill, running, and many more.

For spinning classes for beginners, the workout would focus on adjusting the body with riding position and different paces.

The more advanced the classes, there would be more variations of pace, resistance, position, and also workout length.

Spinning class

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The Benefits of Spinning Exercise

Like any other type of workout, spinning exercise offers physical and health benefits.
As it is mentioned above, spinning is an intense workout and it burns fair amount of calories.

However, the amount of calories burned during the spinning class will be varied from one person to another.

There are other spinning classes benefits and among them is a very good cardio exercise.
Spinning helps to train the heart muscle to work better and at better endurance.

It also helps to pump blood more optimum.

The heart isn’t the only muscles to get the benefits from spinning exercise.
Pedaling movement works out the quad muscles on the tights and hamstrings.

This will also benefit the knee joint to have better stability and endurance.

The muscles on the legs and the glutes are also get the workout.
It helps to stabilize ankle and feet.

Spinning also helps toning and strengthening the muscles on the back, the torso, and core.
It is pretty much working out all muscles of the body.

Spinning class

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Who is Ideal for Spinning Exercise?

Spinning exercise is good for those trying to lose weight, those who want to have better body posture, and those who want to keep in shape without too much intense workout.

Short session but offers high intensity workout would be ideal choice.

Check the LA Fitness portal login for class schedule!

How Much Spinning Exercise Costs

Here in LA Fitness, a session of spinning class costs around $30-$40 depends on the exercise level.
There’s special rate for membership holders.


It is highly recommended to check employee portal LA Fitness to learn more about the spinning exercise instructors, the class level, location, and schedule.