Paylocity as Global Cash Card Partner

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Paylocity as Global Cash Card Partner

One of the workforce management leading companies, Paylocity, currently announces its partnership with Global Cash Card.
The partnership is following the facts that many companies now prefer using cashless paycheck to pay the workers.

This method is safer, more secure, and more effective for both sides; employers and employees.

Global Cash Card itself is well-known as a company that provides cash cards where the users are able to get their salaries more on time.
Besides, some features are available.

They are for online purchases, online bill payment, customization feature, and more.

Features and Benefits

As the partner of Global Cash Card, Paylocity makes sure to give some features and benefits through their products.
The features and benefits can be enjoyed by both employers and workers.

global cash card partner

Paylocity makes sure that its HR software is able to work well with the system conducted in your business.
This benefit is especially intended for employers.

Besides, it also helps your company to build your image.
The products from Paylocity give more chances to let you meet vendors so that your business can improve well.

This company takes a role as the broker and advisor of your company.
It provides solutions for problems related to human capital management.

While the employers are enjoying features and get benefits related to business improvement, so do the workers.
The Global Cash Card by Paylocity is published with certain features to comfort the workers.

global cash card partner

Getting salary is now easier with it.
The information about the payment is able to check in the real time.

With one card only the workers can do many kinds of online and offline transactions.
For online transactions, it features some services for online shopping, online bill payment, and more.

Meanwhile, buying products and services offline are available cashless now only with the card from Paylocity in collaboration with Global Cash Card.

How to Access, Register, and Login

The detailed information regarding this payment system is available on Paylocity’s official portal login website.
There are further explanations about its features and benefits for sure.

You also have a chance to register by tapping the “register” button available.
Submit data required including the username and password.

global cash card partner

Later, if you want to check the online payroll or anything else, you can login first.
Go to one of the menus available and you can do what you want related to your salary.

The products from this company are designed using high-quality HR software.
It is to avoid bugs and problems commonly experienced during online transactions.

How to Contact if There is a Problem

Paylocity provides a customer service to contact when you are experiencing problems during the card’s usage.
The client support is accessible via phone number at 1-888-873-8205 and email at

It conducts online consultations via live chat available when you are opening its official website.

The contact is not only available for the employers.
Even for the workers of the associate companies also have a chance to consult their problems regarding the payroll services given by the company.

Before using the services from Paylocity, make sure to learn more about products and services offered.
This way, you can choose the best payroll software products that are in line with your necessities.

Therefore, it is not only beneficial for human resources work and your business, in general.

global cash card partner


Paylocity is an HR software company that recently announces its partnership with Global Cash Card.
The companies are in collaboration to produce products in relation to HRIS systems.

The products, which are in the form of a card, have some beneficial features.
They are including the customization feature, branding establishment, easiness in online transaction and billing payment, and more.