La Fitness Portal – 10 Popular Complaints, Problem and Solutions

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LA Fitness Portal

LA Fitness portal is not one without its hitches, so it is very normal for people to complain about it.
An LA Fitness employee is still a human being, after all, and a human being is given for complaints.

Maybe they could not do an employee portal login LA Fitness.
Maybe they just want to complain.

Whatever the reasons were, people complain about everything a lot.
The massively popular gym chain is also not free from that rule.

There are a whole lot of complaints about it.
But usually there are always solutions to every complaint.

Some people often try to find a solution to that problem by complaining and they are always given.
To help you skip the complaints-sorting process, here are the 10 most popular complaints, problems and solutions  about LA Fitness.

1. People do not know how to check their LA Fitness schedule

A basic complaint, especially for those not familiar with technology.
Frankly, the solution to this complaint is pretty basic, too.

All you got to do is to take a good look at the portal login.
That way, you are bound to find the schedule.

The thing might be a bit small and hard to see, but a more detailed search will net you that.
If not, you can also go to the web and search for LA Fitness schedule for a quick review.

Employee Portal LA Fitness

2. The aerobics LA Fitness employee portal is not showing the correct schedule

This is the one problem that is pretty much caused by human error.
Because the schedule is yet to be handled by automation, errors like that are bound to happen.

The only thing you can do is to file a complaint to the main office through emails or Twitter.

3. There are disparities between what is listed in the LA Fitness employee portal app what is real?

Again, the portal app is handled by humans and humans are prone to errors.
File a complaint through the provided channels or you can just speak to the manager.

There will surely be compensations or something.

4. The LA Fitness mobile app is hard to install

This kind of complaint usually comes from those without a prior knowledge of gadgets and whatnots.
If you find it difficult to install the app, there are a lot of reasons why it would happen.

Maybe your phone is not compatible with the app.

Employee Portal LA Fitness

5. Errors in your LA Fitness app/cannot open the app

If you have already installed the app but you have troubles opening it, then you should reinstall it.
Concerning technology, the cause of the problem will be hard to pinpoint.

Reinstallation should work, though, and you should always do that before you go with other methods.
If the error is yet to be resolved, then the only way to go is to call the customer centre.

They usually know about what to do with it.

6. LA Fitness employee login error

Say that you have everything covered and you got a login error after that.
Login errors can be caused by two things: wrong credentials or a bad server.

If you have forgotten about your credentials, you can ask for a password change from the system.
You cannot do anything about the bad server, though.

You need to wait for the server maintenance to finish before you can do anything.

7. The employee portal loads too slow

This can be caused by two things: the aforementioned bad server or your internet connection.
Like before, there is no resolution for the first problem but to wait.

The second problem is dependent on your internet provider, so you just need to wait until the matter is resolved.

8. The app is hard to navigate around

LA Fitness always try to put ease of access in front of everything when it comes to the app.
If you encounter a problem with this, you can drop your complaints on the complaint box.

After that, you can only hope that the chain will hear of it.

9. What if your phone is not compatible with the app?

Then you would need to update or replace your phone.
With every update in the app, the system requirements will often change.

You need to keep your phone updated if you do not want to miss the latest app update.

10. The mobile app is not working as intended

There are still a lot of problems surrounding the mobile app.
You might get your membership extended or cancelled without your consent.

Because the mobile app’s system is still at its infancy, you can file a complaint or two to the customer service.
Skipping the mobile app until it gets fixed is also something you can do.

Skip the LA Fitness portal and visit the gym if you want to do something about your membership.