Kronos as Global Cash Card Partner

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Kronos as Global Cash Card Partner

Kronos is known as a leading company for the HR solution.
It is currently in a partnership with Global Cash Card, a provider of cashless paycheck for the workforce management.

Both companies commit to providing more flexible and convenient payroll services.
This way, employers and workers can enjoy transactions and payment in a faster, easier, and convenient ways.

Benefits and Features

Following the collaboration, Kronos offers some features and benefits given for both the employers and workers.
For you the employers, it helps you to reduce costs that are commonly billed at each transaction.

For the cost reduction or even removal, it tends to be beneficial for all the parties involved.

global cash card partner

Kronos also enables you to customize the card through the payroll software features based on your necessities.
You need to contact the customer service to mention the point to customize.

After some steps, the cards are ready to distribute to the workers.
It is expected that the workers are motivated and have the willingness to improve their work performance.

Meanwhile, Kronos and Global Cash Card also make available some features and benefits specially intended for workers.
With the card, the employees can enjoy real-time access to paycheck funds.

The access is through ATM merchants and point-of-sale terminals.

The second benefit is regarding the flexibility in purchasing and transaction.
As long as the stores for product purchases provide features for Visa and Mastercard, it means that the direct transaction using the cash card can be done.

Third, this cash card provides the mobile app with qualified HR software for the more convenient access and transaction.
All the activities using the card are free as well as they are awards and discounts given.

To get real-time information, Kronos directly notifies the users through email and text messages.

How to Access Kronos

The users are allowed to access Kronos simply by visiting its official potal login website.
Further explanation related to the company’s collaboration with Global Cash Card is also available there.

Tap the button “register” to have an account from Kronos.
Meanwhile, if you have had an account, you only need to do the Kronos employee login by submitting the username and password.

To get information more clearly, contact the customer service.
Meanwhile, Kronos has some worldwide branch offices, not only in the US but also in other countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, French, and more.

global cash card partner

Customer Service

When there are problems in relation to the use of Kronos product, the users can directly contact the customer service.
The supports are accessible via phone at (800) 225-1561 or sending an email.

Make sure to utilize the consultation service.
This way, you can consult some problems regarding payroll online and human capital management.

In the US, Kronos Incorporated main office is located in Lowell, MA.
Meanwhile, the company also has some divisions in the areas of Florida, New Jersey, California, and more.

So, if you are not satisfied enough with indirect communication and consultation through phone and email, it is possible to directly go to the main office or one of the branches.

The consultation session is not only conducted for employers who use Kronos products to manage their workers.
It is possible for the workers to join it as well.

This way, the workers are able to gain more knowledge and insight regarding how to utilize Kronos well.

global cash card partner


Kronos recently announces its partnership with Global Cash Card, a company for the payroll service and workforce management.
Following the partnership, the company is ready with some new products to ease the salary payment system.

Not only is it helpful for the employers to manage wages, the workers are also able to get some benefits.
They are including chances to get on-time salaries, easier online purchase, and more accessible information.