Global Cash card is the solution for salary payments and transactions, how can it be?
Check payments are no longer widely available in the USA and numerous other countries in the world.

Many reasons are behind this fact.
Some of them are the check payment costs higher and the options are limited.

The card works to ease the payments and give some beneficial features for the users.

Not only is it complementing the use of check but also completing the lacks that are owned by other cards.
It provides convenience and flexibility as it enables the users to withdraw their money as well as do transactions all around the world.

The release of Global Cash card intends for both employers and workers.
It gives some simpler ways to pay wages by implementing a high technology system.

For both employers and cardholders, each of them has some features and benefits that they may have never enjoyed before.

Features and Benefits

It is a duty for employers to transfer the salary as a part of the workforce management on time without any problem during the process.
Unfortunately, this right purpose is often postponed by some technical matters.

Then, Global Cash Card makes sure that such a bad experience will not happen.
They are due to some features applied to the product for both employers and workers.

1. For Employers

Starting from the employers;
1.1. They can enjoy the easy management feature in which the card is secure, fast, flexible, and user-friendly.
You can use your own needs to set up the globalcashcard.

Of course, the company must set permissions first to make the process easier.

1.2. In term of reporting, it is also very easy and convenient.
It is possible for the employers to report the payment on time as well as the process is faster to administer payrolls.

1.3. Global Cash Card ATM basically adapts the traditional direct deposit system.
This way, the company is able to make sure that the data will always be valid.

The difference is that the company also applies a high technology system for a faster process.
Aside from giving the best services for the regular salary, it also eases the process for expenses, commissions, and more.

1.4. Program customization within the payroll software is possible.
There are some requirements given for sure.

You need to define the program requirements first.
Then, the company of Global Cash Cards will simply realize it.

1.5. The customization is not only about the features inside.
It also helps you to improve your company through branding optimization.

For you who still don’t know what kind of company’s image to bring out, this cash card gives you a chance for doing it.

Despite the features mentioned above, the cash card also helps the users, in this case, are the employers, to avoid some problems that may face later.
They are including eliminating the costs, decreasing risks, reducing bank service fees, decreasing fraud, and more.

2. For Workers/ Cardholders

If the employers are able to find many benefits from the Global Cash Card usage, how are about the employers?
Are there features and benefits specially intended for them?
Well, it is something for sure.

2.1. The workers or cardholders may enjoy the cost savings.
This type of payroll online cards has been designed for spending fewer costs compared to other payment methods.

You can just save up your money more anyway.

2.2. The card is in collaboration with Visa and Mastercard, making it acceptable worldwide.
The access is getting easier for a mobile access features.

Now, you can do anything through your Smartphone starting from checking the balance, transferring, online purchase, and more.

2.3. You can activate alerts and notification in many ways.
There is a feature from the card that is connected to emails and SMS.

Checking the Global Cash Card balance that comes in and out is getting simpler now.
They are all received real-time.

2.4. If the employers have rights to customize the payment method through the customization service, so do the workers.
You can organize and categorizes their balance as well as the expenses.

2.5. Global Cash Card conducts reward programs in collaboration with some other products and services.
They are the products of entertainment, insurance, travel, restaurants and more.

2.6. Enjoy also some access to some other benefits including receiving payments on holiday, risk and fraud reduction, online bills payment, and still many more.
You can conduct some types of payment transaction.

It is basically functioned as a payroll card using the HR software.
Besides, you can also use it as an incentive card, gift card, travel card, and government card.

For each function mentioned above, other benefits follow.
As an incentive card, you can add the incentive program to influence customer behavior, issue rebates, sales motivation, and more.
As a gift card, some options are available to make easy in appreciating what the employees have been done.

If you in traveling, use this card as a travel card to manage your travel expenses more conveniently.
Meanwhile, the government card means the availability of simple ways to manage contractor payment, emergency payment, expense coverage, and more.

How to Get the Card

To get Global Cash Card, it is through the official website and app.
Sure, it means you need to download and install the app first on your Smartphone.

After the installation, tap the account balance on the home screen global cash login.
Next, tap the button of “Get Cash Card” and continue. You must do all the process until they are finished.

This is basically how you can order the cards.

Getting the card is also possible in groups managed by your company.
It means that the employers and works must agree that they will use this payroll card for the salary transaction.

By a bulk registration, the process tends to be simpler although you may need to wait for longer.
For more information, you can contact the customer service of Global Cash Card through its official website.

Next, this is the time for the Global Cash Card activate.
The first way is by contacting the customers’ service at (866) 395-9200 and follows the automatic instruction given.

Besides, you can also access its official website at
There is a button of “Activate your Global Cash Card” placed on the lower left side of the screen.

Next, at global cash login enter the 16 digit Global Cash Card number on the bar available and continue it by tap “Enter”.
The next screen appears and there is an instruction to create a User Name and Password.

For the password, it is up to 8 characters.
Aside from choosing the password from the option, you can create your own.

Lastly, enter the PIN number and your cash card is ready to use.
Following the activation, it means you can also deactivate the card.

The process is similar in which you need to go to the customer service or the card’s official portal login website.

How to Check the Balance

To check the balance, you need to do the Global Cash Card com login first.
After successfully logging in by entering the username and password, check it by tapping the “Balance” button.

Then, you can simply see the amount of money in your account.

You can also sign up for card alerts to get automatic notifications.
This way, the balance is sent through via email or other accounts you have registered in this cash card.

Besides, it is possible to call 888-220-447 and follow the instructions given.

Customer Service

Customer service in Global Cash Card plays so many important roles.
It is to serve the customers who have problems with their card usage.

Besides, it also answers all questions related to the card.

There are indeed some problems that are quite often to experience by the users.
The customer service then gives some solutions as follow.

1. “How do I get started with my card?”

To use the card, make sure that you have a balance there.
This can be through the salary paid by the employers.

Then, you can access it through ATM anywhere you are.

2. How is if my card lost?”

This is basically a classic problem.
So, it is suggested for you to contact the customer service as soon as possible.

Then, follow the instructions given.
You should not worry since this Cash Card doesn’t require you to make a report in a police station and others.

3. “How do I use the card for purchases?”

As long as you go to a store or restaurant that has collaborated with Visa and Mastercard, it means that you can use the card.
There are 2 types of transactions to :

Signature Transactions and Debit Transaction.
The second transaction requires your signature only while the second needs your PIN.

4. “There is fee required to check the balance, how is it?”

You should not worry since there are some ways to check your balance without a fee.
They are logging in the official website cash global card login, using two-way texting, signing up for notification, and calling the service center.

5. “There is also money required to get all the money off the card, how is it?”

There are also some ways to withdraw the Money without a fee.
You need to go to the bank and withdraw the money.

Tell the teller for an over-the-counter transaction.
Mention the amount of money to withdraw.

This way, you don’t need to spend a single penny.

6. “Why can’t I use the card in certain restaurants or gas stations?”

Basically, you can use this card for all transaction types including buying meals in the restaurant or going to the gas station.
Sure, they must collaborate with Visa and Mastercard first.

7. “Why can’t I access it easily through the mobile device?”

To ease the users more, there is a Global Cash Card app available.
Through the app, the users can access all things including checking balance, online transaction, and transfer.

Of course, you need to download and install the app first.

8. “Can I stay log in?”

Yes, it is for sure.
More importantly, you must be careful.

It is particularly if you have a habit to use devices in turns with friends.
It is better to regularly logout from the account for security.

You need to memorize the password anyway and global cash card number.

9. “What is two-way texting and how can I use it?”

Just like the name, this feature enables the users to text-pre-defined commands to a short code.
Then, the users are able to receive real-time information regarding the balance, card activities, account, and more.

10. “How can I customize the cash card I have?”

The customization process cannot be done instantly.
You need to contact the customers’ service first to gain information regarding this service.

It is better to make a list of the points to customize so that it can be processed faster.


Global Cash Card is a cash card for people who want to do payments and online transactions in much easier ways.
With the card, it is no more difficult for the users to pay salaries, do online purchases, do transactions in the restaurants, malls, and others without using cash, and more.

The card is recommended for employers who need to pay the workers’ salaries as well as the workers who accept the money.
It is due to the easy transaction process it makes.

Besides, there are some features that are specially implemented for both parties.
For examples, there are features for reports, supports for payroll services, customization services, and more.

Besides, the cards also have some functions that are related to employers-workers-salary matters and human capital management.
Not only are they functioned as the payroll cards, Global Cash Card is also an effective incentive card, gift card, and more.

For common people, it is necessary for all of you to use this cash card.
Although you may not deal with in giving and accepting the salary, the card is helpful to do some activities like shopping, online purchases, traveling, and more.

The registration process is very easy.
Besides, you can all the features inside very conveniently including checking balance and money transfer.

For the features mentioned above, there is no cost required.
It is getting more interesting to use Global Cash Card for the daily transaction.

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